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Windowpains Stafford

Is it always a little cloudy when you look outside?

Double glazed sealed units are fantastic but they don’t last forever. Over time the seal between the panes deteriorates, letting in minute amounts of condensation which evaporate and create the misty or cloudy effect in the glass. Sadly, once this has happened, the glazing unit must be replaced.

But don’t despair, Windowpains® Stafford can fix these problems for a lot less than you might be expecting. Too many people think they have to replace whole windows and doors (and there are plenty of less reputable firms around who will tell them that!) when, actually, a new sealed double glazed glass unit can be inserted for a fraction of that cost by Windowpains® Stafford.

Our highly skilled glazing technicians will be able to match perfectly the glass in the damaged unit, which is essential with patio and french doors or conservatories where not all panes may be affected.

Alternatively, Windowpains® Stafford can advise you on the many technical upgrades now available. Major advances have been made in energy saving thermal efficiency, including argon filled units incorporating thermal spacer bars – known in the trade as warm edge technology.

In winter these units reduce the heat loss out through the windows and doors, reducing your heating fuel bill, and in the summer they can reduce the heat coming through from the sun, allowing you to keep your house pleasantly cool.

Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, Windowpains® Stafford can advise you on the best solutions for your premises.